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Just got back from my first ever “write-in” at the South Bank Centre, as part of NaNoWriMo 2010. Just enough time to chat to a few fellow writers, but then heads down for a “sprint” – 45 minutes of uninterrupted writing. The wine and another sprint. It felt very strange seeing the concentration on the 50 or so faces there, with everyone typing (or in my case scribbling) away furiously. Or joyously. Everyone working together with a community spirit, and plenty of camaraderie. But at the same time, everyone writing totally on their own, each focussed on their independent and wildly different works.  Nice.

Today’s word count: 4326 (PB!) Total so far: 8296. On target, but it’s early days…



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More novelling

Into day 3 of NaNoWriMo 2010. It’s fun when you give a character some random bit of past history, then put them in a new situation and think “What would they do now?” and realise that their past history gives you the answer. It’s not “My character made their own choices”, as I’m still in control, but it certainly makes writing fun!

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Novel writing in a hurry

After having dabbled in bits of creative writing for years, I’ve never finished anything longer than a couple of very short stories. So this year, I decided to take the plunge and join in the “National Novel Writing Month” or NanoWriMo. The aim is “simply” to write 50,000 words of brand new material during the month of November. By 5pm on day 1, I’ve written a little over 1000, which is OK, but I’ll need to knock out another 500 or 1000 tonight to keep on track…

Anyway, besides trying to write my first novel, I thought I’d jot down one or two ideas here as I go along, but hopefully without distracting myself from the main task. So all I’ll say for now is:
Mood – Excited.
Energy – need another coffee.
Optimism – got plenty.

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Hamburg – my kind of town

Map of Hamburg

So just along from Davidstrasse, you’ll find Balduinstrasse. Like I said, my kinda town…

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“I think I’m a Protestant atheist.”

From the ever-wonderful Matthew “vive la” Parris.

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Here’s a modern dilemma for you: suppose you’re a political journalist for the BBC.  You therefore have to repeatedly prove that you’re not biased towards the left or the right, that you will be impartial and disinterested at all times. Unfortunately, you happen to be rather left-of-centre politically, and indeed married to a high-profile Guardian columnist, with whom you have children. How to redress the balance? Simple: find a suitable centre-right political journalist, say one working for Murdoch’s Times, and have a child with her too! Nice and balanced, a plan without a mar.

But if you do change your mind, and decide that you don’t want to become known as a philanderer (or, to be fair, decide you want your private life to remain private), then you can just take out an injuction. Or better yet, a super-injunction…

Problem solved.

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No good gags

I wonder if a judge will prevent me from linking to this story in today’s Guardian? Maybe if Carter-Fuck [1] had their way…

[1] Copyright Private Eye ad nauseum

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