“Are you happy?”

June 11, 2009 at 1:24 pm Leave a comment

So there I was, walking home down Borough High Street last night, when I noticed two men walking some way ahead of me. Every so often, they’d call out to random passers-by, “Are you happy?” If they got a “yes,” then the two of them would cheer and give a big thumbs up, otherwise they’d grumble it and move on. They were shouting out  “Are you happy?” to pedestrians, people in passing buses and cars, to everyone. Harmless enough, if a bit eccentric. (I think they may have consumed Drink.)

As I carried on walking behind them, I started to feel slightly less happy at the prospect of the predictable but almost aggressive question coming my way. But as I got slightly closer, one of them turned a bit to one side, to shout “Are you happy?” over his shoulder, towards someone on the other side of the road. And as he did so, he walked slap into a lamp post.

By now I was only a few yards away, and he saw me for the first time. As he stood there, rubbing his bruised shoulder and looking a bit bemused, his mate called out to me, “Are you happy?” And I could only answer, “I am now!” with a grin. “You’ve made my day!”

(I refuse to feel guilty about this schadenfreude, not least because we all shared a brief laugh…)


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