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So it seems that David Tredinnick MP has been spending money on astrology software from “Crucial Astro Tools“, and spending more money getting trained in how to use it, totalling £680.33. His excuse is that he has

a longstanding interest in Parliament on the subject of Integrated Healthcare / Complementary and Alternative Medicine.”

Specifically, he claimed that he

“was looking at the relationship of Astrology to Indian Ayurvedic medicine and wanted to see if I could relate it to English Herbal medicine as taught by Culpepper who considered all plants to have Astrological correspondences. To do this I needed to improve my understanding of Astrology.”

He claimed £210.33 for the software plus £176.25 and £293.75 for different sessions of instruction. I guess from the prices it might have been “Solar Fire Gold” that he bought. Features include:

synastry tables & interpretation; astro mapping; traditional, Huber & Vedic features; easy-access toolbar; wide-ranging ephemeris with midpoints…”

wait a minute – “easy-access toolbar”? Sounds like an unfounded claim to me! How do we know it’s easy-access? I demand a triple-blind trial of the user interface…

But seriously, astrology in its many guises has been tested before and found wanting. So why waste further money on this? In case there’s any doubt, a fantastic debunking is provided here by the Astronomy Society of the Pacific, including such questions as “If the mother’s womb can keep out astrological influences until birth, can we do the same with a cubicle of steak?” and of course, “If astrologers are as good as they claim, why aren’t they richer?” I think they are getting richer, but mostly by finding gullible MPs to prey upon.

Some of the relevant links from The Guardian’s wonderful “Investigate your MP’s expenses” :

Claim form:

Instruction receipt:

Software receipt:

Second claim form:

More instruction:

Story via Twitter (Ben Goldacre, Richard Wilson) and LibDemVoice.


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