On changing jobs

July 6, 2009 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

I recently started a new job, which (4 days in) I’m really enjoying. But as part of the process, I’ve spent several days packing up my old office, dropping several thousand sheets of A4 paper (I guesstimate)  into the recycle bin in the process: papers I’ve read and filed but are now of no interest; papers I’ve never got round to reading, and never will; notes I’ve scribbled and finished with; sketches I’ve sketched and can’t even figure out what they represent anymore. And it fills me with melancholy: all those unfinished ideas, untested hypotheses, avenues that looked interesting, but that I’ll never explore.

And then I read today, courtesy of AC Grayling, that the human lifespan is just 1000 months. Spending 6 months pursuing some dead-end, up-the-garden-path red herring represents not just frustration, but a real bitterness as I wonder what else I could have been doing instead? Looking back over the last 3 years in my old job, and I can see a few bright highlights, pieces of work that I’m really proud of. But they are spread between a lot of low-grade wasted opportunities. And so was my previous post. And so will be new post, no doubt.

Note to self: stop wasting so much bloody time!


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