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Here’s a modern dilemma for you: suppose you’re a political journalist for the BBC.  You therefore have to repeatedly prove that you’re not biased towards the left or the right, that you will be impartial and disinterested at all times. Unfortunately, you happen to be rather left-of-centre politically, and indeed married to a high-profile Guardian columnist, with whom you have children. How to redress the balance? Simple: find a suitable centre-right political journalist, say one working for Murdoch’s Times, and have a child with her too! Nice and balanced, a plan without a mar.

But if you do change your mind, and decide that you don’t want to become known as a philanderer (or, to be fair, decide you want your private life to remain private), then you can just take out an injuction. Or better yet, a super-injunction…

Problem solved.


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No good gags “I think I’m a Protestant atheist.”

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